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We are Licensed in AZ, AL, CO, FL, KS, SC and TN

(we MOVE with you, so if we need to license in another state, let us know)


Medicare Plans Offered:  We've Got You Covered With Choices...

Open Enrollment: Begins Oct. 15 - Dec. 07

We also specialize in Dual Special Needs Plans.

Beneficiaries of Medicaid & Medicare can qualify for these Special Plans.


2022 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Insurance Carriers

we represent: 



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Health Insurance Marketplace 

Carriers we represent: 




Health Insurance Marketplace aka Obamacare


Open Enrollment: November 1 – December 15

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ACA (Obamacare) requires Open Enrollment or Special Life Event to enroll


Waiting Periods for non-Preventative Services (Basic & Major)

Most Dental Plans coverage each year and max out on 3rd year to reward you for keeping the insurance for those rainy day dental problems

In-Network Dentists will save you more money than going to Out of Network Dentists

Dental Insurance will get the Contracted Rate (which savings you 66% on average over Out of Network Claims which save you 33% over Cash Prices)

Check out the No-Waiting Period -  AETNA SELECT National PPO Plans  

You SAVE MORE when you use a IN-NETWORK provider

PRIME and PLUS have growing Out of Pocket Maximums to cover Major Services


You SAVE MORE when you use a IN-NETWORK provider as these providers have contracted fees (MAC/ maximum allowable charge) through their network agreement with Ameritas National PPO (sold under Spirit Dental).

If you use an out-of-network dentist...

You pay the difference between what the plan pays and the dentist's actual charge (maximum allowable benefit).

Check out the No-Waiting Period -  Dental Plans!

Check out the CIGNA PPO Dental Plans

If you have had dental insurance for 12 or more consecutive months prior to your new plan start date,
you may be eligible to waive the waiting period so you won’t have to wait for benefits to begin

Supplemental Benefits:

Accident Medical Plan

Helps cover you for High Deductible Health Plans to pay the Deductible when Accidents occurs - like breaking a leg/arm which can help to healthy people

(Limited Medical, Short-Term, Accidental Medical Exp, Cancer/Heart & Stroke, Critical Illness/Hospital)

 Short-Term Medical

Does not cover Pre-Existing Conditions, it's useful to transition you from an Expired COBRA plan until the next Open Enrollment to guaranteed issue Health Insurance which will cover pre-existing conditions.