We Believe in Doing The Right Thing for Our Client...

We Believe in Doing The Right Thing for Our Client...

We serve the Orlando, FL AND Wichita, KS for House Calls. 

  • We offer Insurance for Business, Individuals for Medicare, Health, Dental, Life & Annuities (currently Licensed in AZ, AL, CO, FL, KS, SC and TN). Just ask and we'll help you as you move to other states.
  • We do the research and determine what are the best products for our clients needs.  
  • We will explain the Insurance in "English" not in Insurance Terms, so you understand what you are getting. 
  • We work when you are available, by coming to you and by appointment (some Insurance can be done over the phone, i.e. Marketplace).
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Expert Support 

We're always happy to help with any questions you have. 

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Personalized Approach

 We'll work with you to create a resilient strategy that evolves with you.

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Decades of Experience

Financial strategy is our life. We can help you navigate the economic ocean, no matter how choppy the seas get.

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As Independent Insurance Agents, we do what is right for the customer or we won’t sell you anything if it’s not better for you.

Insurance is for protecting you against financial loss in your business ventures, retirement, health and life endeavors.

Learn how insurance can give you more peace of mind to protect you for the unknowns in life AND help you to RETIRE.

We specialize in Medicare, Marketplace and other Health Insurance and Tax-Free Retirement Income Planning, Life Insurance and Fixed Income Annuities and Legal Expense. Let us Help you Strategize Your Income, Create Income for Life, and earn potential Double-Digits without market losses.

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It does not cost more to go with an Insurance Agent when you get an Insurance Policy.

ENROLLING for Insurance with an Agent gives you an Advocate to help you when you have questions or problems and need Advice.

See the Quotes & Links page if you would like to Self-Quote OR Let us help you so you can make a more knowledgeable choice.




(currently running a Special Election Period for all thru August 15th for Medicare & Marketplace)

Protect your retirement from being decimated by taxes.

Listen to well-known Ed Slott, published CPA

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