Sandy Nelson-Tittsworth

Sandy Nelson-Tittsworth

Owner/Independent Insurance Agent

We are a Husband and Wife insurance business for over 10 years. Both with 20+ years in the Information Technology Industry. Our background is a terrific background for the insurance business. Based out of Orlando, FL we are licensed in AZ, AL, CO, KS, FL and TN; we move with you, so we can be your Insurance Agent for Life.

Like the Information Technology business, we have to problem solve and apply the tools and rules to the situation. The Client gets to choose, but we also know the pros and cons at that point. Let us help you get started.

As Independent Brokers, we can help you with Small Group, Health Insurance, Life Insurance (Term/Whole, Fixed Indexed Universal) and Fixed/Fixed Indexed Annuities.

Most people don't understand what an Agent can bring to the Table, they think JUST pick a plan and call the 800#.  An Agent costs nothing to help you -- the Insurance company pays them commission for finding you and helping you (We are Advisors NOT Customer Service Agents, that's the Insurance company's job).

It's when the Client/Customer has problems... Like the Lady I got called into help who thought Medicare was all she needed after she got laid off from her job.  She racked up $500,000 in hospital/doctor bills and the bill collectors were coming after her.  This is when an Agent is INVALUABLE...

Another Lady had problems... I was ready to file a Medicare Complaint if the Insurance company did not clean up their act, it turns out another lady with the same name and birth date was on the same Policy and the Insurance company was not paying the Insurance bills and sending her the other persons claims as not covered.  She tried to clean it up herself and could not do it.  This is when an Agent is INVALUABLE... 

Benefits change every year and how do you weed through what it means for you.  This is when an Agent is INVALUABLE...